The Top 10 Fast Foods That Perfectly Capture Pakistan

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It is very common that you start to feel hungry as you leave home for shopping or to hang out with your friends outside. There are mouthwatering fast foods everyone loves, especially if they are in Pakistan. The first thing everyone wants is to go out and eat all their favorite fast food that they have missed for so long. Fast food destroys your hunger and tastes like the best thing in the world.

These fast foods can be found on carts or in restaurants, but no matter where you find them, they all bring you that same sense of joy and delicious flavor. You will be able to find these fast foods in any city or village of Pakistan so be on the lookout for them!

These are the must-try fast foods of Pakistan which you will love and enjoying having again and again.

1. Dahi Bhalla


Dahi bhalla

Simple and easy to make it at home as well, but eating it from outside makes it yummier. The spices add up to the flavor to Dahi Bhalla.


2. Roll Paratha


Roll Paratha

This is popular among the hungry teenagers. They are found in streets, restaurants and even in universities. It is filled with BBQ chicken or grilled chicken with mixture of vegetables. Different sauces are also poured to make it spicy. The best combination is with Coke.


3. Shawarma Wrap


Shawarma Wrap

The difference between paratha roll and shawarma wrap is bread in which the mixture is wrapped in. It can be made of beef or chicken. The bread is thicker than the one in paratha roll otherwise the mixture inside the wrap can be the same.


4. Chana Chaat


Chana Chaat

Chana Chaat is made of chickpeas with onions, chilies, tomatoes and mint. Everything is chopped and mixed. The lemon squeezed on it makes it even better in taste.


5. Samosa



This is the best fried fast food that everyone loves with tea in the evening time. It can be filled with chicken or with potatoes. The mixture inside is made separately and filled inside. Fried instantly and served with mint sauce or ketchup.


6. Pakora



It is a fried snack which is used as appetizer. Pakoras are created by mixing ingredients such as onions, spinach, paneer, tomato and dipping all in the batter of flour. Fried in hot oil by pouring the batter with hand or spoon making the shape of Pakora.


7. Aloo Tikki


Aloo Tikki

Aloo Tikki is made quickly either you do it at home or get it from somewhere outside. Peeled, boiled potatoes are made even better by being covered in delicious spices. The small portions are made with the Aloo Tikki mixture by making a ball and then frying it.


8. Kachori



Spicy snack which is found all around Pakistan. Kachori is mostly eaten in Karachi and loved by the people. It fills your stomach without eating anything extra over it.


9. Pani Puri


pani puri

The crackers are filled with the mixture of chickpeas or potatoes. The cracker is broker from the top to add the mixture. Dip it in a spicy sauce to enjoy the bits of Pani Puri.


10. Spicy Tikka


Spicy Tikka

Spicy Tikka is the marinated raw beef mixed with different spices ingredients. It is fried in oil on low heat with bringing out the best flavors for the beef lovers.


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