The Tribe of Awakening Sovereignty

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We are a Global Network of Open, Beyond Sustainable, Co-governed Communities, New Paradigm Nonprofits, Cooperative Businesses, Sovereign Beings and Micronations dedicated to spreading Unconditional Love, Healing, Abundance, and Justice. 

We intend to support and uplift ourselves by making housing, free education, living wages, food forests, sustainable energy systems, and techniques for conscious expansion easily accessible to everyone.

Our mission is to awaken the Sovereignty within the human race and transform our collective state of being into higher realms of existence by coming together under shared intention and acting as one to create the change we wish to see. 

We focus on creating abundance and conscious expansion to enable ourselves to embody our highest joy. We sell a variety of conscious services and products to promote a better earth while supporting and uplifting each other. We promote sound healing, meditation, dancing, singing, conscious energy movement, breathwork, nutrition, and DNA activating medicines to rapidly accelerate our ascension.

Contact us if you would like to co-create.
The Tribe of Awakening Sovereignty

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I am a member of the Tribe of Awakening Sovereignty and the 2045 initiative, a student of Life and a disciple of Unconditional Love. I am here to spread awareness of the organizations i represent, crypto currencies, and mythology as part of my effort to make a better world for…

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