the truth about Saudi Arabian literacy (part 2)

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In my last article I told u about the freedom of girls in Saudi Arabia and I told u that my next article will be on polygamy and adultery as Giacomo cresti said “ men are allowed to perform polygamy and girls are supposed to stoned till death if they try adultery”


Well if you people want to read about the freedom of girls in Saudi Arabia “WITH PROOF” please check my article.


Now here I am going to discuss about polygamy and adultery. These two things are so much different but Giacomo cresti mix-up these two. 1st I would like to tell you people about polygamy

The meaning of polygamy is a man having more than one wife u can see this in the link given below

Now will you please tell me what is the meaning on this word “WIFE” the girl who got married to someone she will be called wife. So in actual this polygamy is so much different to adultery. In our religion we are allowed to get married with another girl if we are facing any problem or for the sake of welfare to someone. Without getting married to the girl whom you are going to have secret relation will fall in adultery and that man too, will be supposed to be stoned till death not only girls are stoned.


As you all people are qualified ones so I don’t think so any one will be unaware of this word adultery. If anyone don’t know the meaning, let me tell you that what the word adultery is? If a man or girl is in physical relation with someone without getting married that will be called adultery and it doesn’t matter that person is male or female, they will be investigated and both will be stoned till death not only girl.

And I really appreciate this principle and Saudi government for this type of rules in this era because this is Islamic rule. It’s a sin in our religion so if any one commits this sin he will be punished in this way. This rule is protecting so many girls because there is much lust in boys as compare to girls and if these rules will not be implemented the girls will be raped day by day.


So I salute to Saudi government who is doing their best according to Islam

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Umar nawaz


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