The truth about tanning startled infant: more harm than good

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Young sunbathing absorption of vitamin D, treat jaundice

After 10 days of birth, Ms. Ling (29 years- HCM) began to put his son out sunbathing to synthesize vitamin D. She said that it is the best way to help children develop and promote bone metabolism in the body.

She put out the sun over a period of 6-9 am and after 17 pm. She said: "I think, between 6-9 hours, infrared and ultraviolet in sunlight is weak, appropriate to help them accelerate the process of metabolism in the body.

In contrast, after 17 hours, X-rays in the sun will help you love absorb calcium and phosphorus best, useful for bone growth. So I had time to consider the choice of science that put out the sun, vitamin D to absorb more rugged. "

I was sunbathing for 5 days, she was startled to read Linh information: infant sunbathing is not how effective vitamin D supplementation. Even, it potentially harmful risk to health. That information caused her fear and bewilderment Spirit



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