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The longer people are found in the Netherlands.

The world's most eaten vegetable is potato.

78% of the water is found in potato.

When the potatoes are boiled until late much of vitamin C is lost.

Paper was first of all made ​​in China.

792 types of roses in the world.

3064 languages ​​are spoken in the world.

William Gilbert was named Power.

When we speak our 70 muscle is movement.

There are a total of 639 muscles in the human body.

Edison American Scientist was inventor of the Bulb and cinema.

Nitrogen or argon gas is filled in the bulb.

Walt Disney was the inventors of cartoon films.

Vatican is the smallest city in the world.

Australia is the largest city in the world.

11 percent of the world is used to grow corn.

Tibet is situated at a height in the world.

Redsea is the world's warmest ocean.

Luxembourg and Qatar is the richest country in the world.

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