The world's most expensive Top-10 phone

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The world's most expensive phone prices to dizzy heard. However, it does not matter for a Millionaire or a royal king. They are using the phone that it was adorned with pearls and precious stones

10. Black Diamond VIPN:

This fancy design phone has two diamond shaped. One of them is 3-carat and another one is 025 carats. Which has been set up the back cover of the phone, the price of this phone is 3 million US dollars.



9. Virtue Signature Cobra:

This phone has been designed like the sliding and the Cobra. This phone is adorned with precious stones. The price of this phone is 3 million 10 thousand US dollars.


8. Grasso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot:

The price of this phone is 10 million US dollars. There is a whole set of studies of black diamonds and antique 200-years-old African Blackwood is installed on the phone.

But the most valuable part of the phone's keyboard. There are 17 hand-polished sapphire placements.



7. LT. Million Goldvish:

Emmanuel Gueit. The phone is made of 18 carat white gold studded with diamonds, and all-embracing as usual. The price of this phone is 1 million euros.


6. Diamond Crypto Smartphone:

This phone set with255 princess cut diamonds. This phone has been fitted with 18-carat rose gold. This is a very stylish design. The price of this phone is 13 million US dollars.


5. iPhone amuses 6 Call of Diamond:

The main attraction of this phone is a 5129 carat cushion-cut diamond from the back of the phone. The shape of this phone is the Apple logo. Also throughout 6127 the diamonds in all the diamond wrap the phone. The price of this phone is 27 million US dollars.


4. Kings Button iPhone 3G:

This phone was designed by Peter Aloisson. The phone is made three types of 18-carat gold. There is a 6.6 carat diamond home button. Moreover, 138 perfect diamonds has been manually set on the display screen. The price of this phone is 15 million to 20 million US dollars.


3. Supreme Gold Striker iPhone 3G 32GB:

This Phone Designed by Stuart Hughes. This phone has been steeped with 136 diamonds and 271 grams of 33-carat gold. The Home button has a 7.1-carat diamond. It also has rare Kashmir’s Gold in this phone. Animal skins were lined with expensive phones inside. The price of this phone is 32 million US dollars.


2. Diamond Rose iPhone-4 32GB:

Side panels are covered with 500 diamonds phones. Rose gold is made with the back side of the phone and the Apple logo has been designed with 53 diamonds. Centre button on the 7.4-carat pink diamond has been made with single-cut. Not only that, this phone is delivered to the consumer with a solid granite box. It is a royal The price of this phone is 80 million US dollars.


1. Black Diamond iPhone 5:

This phone is made with 24-carat gold. This phone is covered with rare Black with the Sapphire display screen. The price of this phone is 1 crore and 50 million US Dollar.

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