There's No Harm In Trying (An Intro Blog Post)

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     Readers, welcome to my first blogpost here in bitlanders. I have decided to make my first post a bit personal post about myself and the stuff I always want to do. This is also my way of introducing myself to all my fellow bitlanders. 

     I was very excited upon the announcement of starting date of submission of entries for a songwriting contest here in our country. It brought me back to the days of writing in my highschool years during my free time. I started writing poems when I was in grade 6 and I eventually liked and enjoyed writing. My journal and my diaries are my best buddies after my class.

     Poems for me are easy to write. I already have my collections of poems. Songwriting is just new for me. I remember that I have a song written by yours truly. It's still with me. It was a little difficult for me to write a song because you need to at least rhyme the lyrics with the tune that you are going to compose. It can make you use all of your time but when you have finished it, the rewards are so amazing.

     I am planning to join in the songwriting competition with high hopes and prayers that my entry will be included. There's no harm in trying. Just feel confident in doing what you want and think what is right.

     Thank you for your time to read my first blog post!



-photo grabbed from Google: Gratitude Journal: 67 Templates, Ideas and Apps for Your Diary-




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