Thermal spas in Croatia

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Healing from the Earth: Thermal spas in Croatia


Inland Croatia is truly a convalescence paradise. Numerous natural thermal springs have attracted people from various backgrounds in search of wellness and prosperity.

The quality of life in the modern world seems to be decreasing. Our days are filled with stress, errands, obligations and responsibilities that affect the way we eat, sleep and exercise. Lack of fresh whole foods, rejuvenating 8 hours of sleep and a regular moderate exercise can alter physical and mental fitness.

Balance and harmony are crucial, and our highly intelligent bodies are always sending our signal when it’s time to relax and spend some time nurturing our mind, body and soul. Unique inner mechanism was known even in ancient times. 

Daruvar Spa | Total Croatia

Daruvar Spa – tailored-made for man 

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The development of spas and modern spa tourism which utilizes the medicinal properties of the thermal and mineral springs began during the 18th and 19th century.

Spa town of Daruvar located in the western part of the Slavonian plains, on the foothills of the fruitful Papuk mountain, values health above all. Only 125 kilometers from the Capital city of Zagreb numerous sources of thermal mineral water can be found. Temperature at the source is 46.7 ° C.

The medical mineral mud, preserved historic buildings and beautiful historical landscape parks are what makes Daruvar spa perfect place for rest, relaxation and rehabilitation.

Daruvar Spa | Total Croatia

Countless facilities

Old Romans simply adored this resort saying it is a resort tailored-made for man.

Minutes from the town’s core you can reach hotels Termal and Arcadia equipped with numerous recreational, wellness-spa and medical facilities. There you can also find a hotel restaurant, an la carte restaurant, bar, pastry shop, hair salon, gift shop, indoor and outdoor pools with thermal water.

Newly renovated fitness center on more than 400 square meters is a great addition to this wellness oasis. Finnish sauna, infrared sauna, steam bath, Jacuzzi, solarium, gym, tennis courts, miniature golf and even paintball make Daruvar Spa a perfect destination.

Daruvar Spa | Total Croatia

Fine dining

Famous restaurant “Terasa” was included in the Top 100 Croatian restaurants list. The area has 2200 years long wine tradition that comes to life in “Terasa” where you can try local dishes and specialties of Czech cuisine to soothe your soul with traditional dining.

Afterwards you can visit Julijev Park, one of the oldest protected parks in Croatia, to round up your visit.

Daruvar Spa | Total Croatia

Krapina Spa – aquatic bliss 

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Hilly Zagorje region of Croatia reveals the beauty of the archeological gem called Krapina. This northern town is famous for its archeological findings of over eight hundred fossil remains belonging to Neanderthals and the numerous thermal springs. You can easily reach Krapina from Zagreb within one hour.

The spa boasts with the largest indoor swimming pool complex in Croatia.

Krapina Spa | Total Croatia

Health tourism at its best

In 1772 healing medicinal thermal springs were first mentioned in literature, the same year the first bath was built. Some 100 years later the additional spa building and baths were built upgraded with a restaurant and a hotel. Krapina Spa was at the time the most modern spa of the Austro-Hungarian Empire with significant tourist results.

The modern era of health tourism development started in 1956 when rheumatic diseases and orthopedic rehabilitation hospital was founded. Today it is turned into the Special Hospital for Medical Rehabilitation.

Krapina Spa | Total Croatia

A time to enjoy

The entire area is very picturesque with beautiful natural landscapes, an interesting gastronomic offer and various activities available.

It is perhaps most irresistible during the winter, when the white snow blanket adds charm to the lovely hills of Zagorje. Atmosphere is the key ingredient in improving health, physical and mental fitness. Rest assured, various facilities and features in the spa complex will contribute to your wellbeing.

Dip in the mineral aquatic oasis and shed off all the excess stress and trembling of the stressful present and dive into the healthier future at Krapina Spa.

Krapina Spa | Total Croatia

Great choice in any time of the year

Don’t let it become a necessity, taking care of our needs can increase the overall quality of life. Inland Croatia’s abundance of thermal springs, diversity of healthful treatments accompanied with fun activities suitable for the whole family leave no room for excuses. 

Leave your health problems in the past and make your muscle discomfort non existent. These spas will welcome you throughout the whole year with special offers adjusted to the season.

Find balance, improve your health and enjoy your Croatian visit in the most invigorating way.

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