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Use a Task Management System that Works for You

Task management systems are vital to the life of an entrepreneur. Building your business requires a series of tasks that must be done on a daily basis. How are you managing them?

A Physical Planner

Some of the most technology-minded entrepreneurs I know actually prefer a physical day planner. While I left mine in the 1990’s (shout out to Palm Pilot), physical planners have been making a comeback.

Passion Planner is a prime example of a modern take on the classic day planner. It’s geared more for modern life and helps put focus on positive events and weekly goals.

Mobile Apps

Smartphones and tablets have changed the entrepreneurial game in many ways.

Mobile task management allows you to plan your day, track how your time is spent and manage to do lists. Most mobile apps, such as Wunderlist or TeuxDeux, have a corresponding web interface to create a consistent experience throughout all of your devices.

Explore different apps, using each for the same amount of time and comparing your experience.

Project Management Systems

If you need to get serious about a project and deadlines, you need a full-fledged project management system.

These solutions transcend mobile apps and physical planners by providing different methods of tracking and planning. Popular solutions such as Asana and Basecamp are also focused on collaboration, which will help with any team projects you may start.


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