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cloudThink is a cloud service developer so and mining equipment based in the UK, with a second company that manages its mining operations in Taiwan. Unlike other mining cloud services, some simply hash assigned to their customers without further participation CloudThink offers daily payments based on company performance and provides the company's customers a minimum profit level based on package contract they buy.

How it works?

Customers who visit the website are offered CloudThink a range of packages to choose from. All packages are based on a fixed term contract, with payment for the service, the daily payment of all accounts, and the different levels of cover margins and the expected benefits.

Users choose a package based on two main factors - the amount of time you want to invest in, and how much money they want to CloudThink. The basic package from $ 499 for the six months of mining in the cloud. This package offers a minimum profit of 10% guaranteed and CloudThink describes an expected profit of 13-17%. At the other end of the scale, the package is the most expensive for a two-year contract with an investment of US $ 5,000. The company says that this comes with a guaranteed profit of 45%, and expects earnings in the range of 65-100% in the contract.
CloudThink explains that the benefits come from a mixture of bitcoins undermined by mining equipment in the clouds, the benefits of improving the equipment that the company is also developing on the side, and the benefits of a team operators within the business. Daily earnings are paid by mining and monthly earnings come from the negotiating team. All payments are in Bitcoin.
CloudThink says it uses a combination of hardware Bitmain mining, Spoondoolies and KNC, but 30% power is also based on the measurement equipment being developed, and later also for sale on the open market plans. CloudThink also generates the electricity used in its mining facility Taiwan.

the idea

CloudThink aims to make the world of mining in the cloud easier to understand by offering permanent contracts with guaranteed minimum benefits society, rather than simply assigning consumers hash energy of a remote data center . The service is specifically directed itself for users who do not know much about mining in the cloud. It does so by eliminating much of the difficult jargon normally associated with this type of service.

the society

Founded in 2015, CloudThink is based in Manchester, UK, which is registered as a company. The company says it uses a second company in Taiwan to conduct its mining operations.

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