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Now, here's an issue that covers life's tiniest aspects and your biggest decisions.

Confidence ( and lack of it ) can make or break a situation. A huge step to feeling confident is thinking good things about yourself.This has great knock-on effects. It makes you more attractive, it helps you overcome most problems and it makes you much less of a target for bullies. 

Morning Motivation:- Every day, sit in front of the mirror and find three things to be positive about.

  • One thing that you like about yourself.
  • One thing that makes you happy.
  • One  thing that you are really lucky to have in your life- a friend or a pet.

Things to remember:-

  • Speak up:- It's easier to talk if you make your mark early, speak clearly and look at people directly.
  • See through it :- Someone who's loud could be making up for a lack of confidence. don't let them push you out.
  • Try something new :- Experience builds confidence so you can face any situation.

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