Thinkers or Doers? Building schools in Afghanistan is business for Veterans

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What is the difference between thinkers and doers?

  • Thinkers are very good at thinking and explain a concept, mostly in writing,at times in person or on video.
  • Doers are hands on, have the energy and resources to put a concept into reality and often operate with their hands and are very active.

In today's digital era, we can travel thousands of miles in a split of a second to reach others with our presence, we can create alliances and realize amazing projects. I can watch a video shot by NATO in Afghanistan about a “business woman in Herat”, I can meet Roya Mahboob, CEO of Citadel software, I can discuss an alliance for building schools in Afghanistan, I can wire her the funds for a digital camera and computer equipment, I can see her work through the videos shot, I can see the internet points in the high school in Herat, Afghanistan, and I can see the students using the computers to watch Charlie Chaplin and the National Geographic.

The alternative is to seat on the couch on Sunday morning and read the New York Times about the fact we should be building schools in Afghanistan.

People ask me why I want to create veteran business opportunities: simply because military people are doers and building schools in Afghanistan is business for Veterans.

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