Third Ashra of Ramadhan:

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In the end Third Ashra of Ramadhan is about seeking Refuge in Almighty Allah from Hell fire. And everyone must pray that “O Almighty Allah, save me from the fire of Hell”.

The dua for third Ashra is:

Translation: “O Allah! Save me from the fire.”

The last ten days of Ramadhan are third Ashra and are very superior and important as the Lailatul Qadar also falls in the last Ashra.  Most of the Muslims also practice Ihtikaf in the lst ten days. A Muslim must not waste the last ten nights of Ashra and work hard in worshipping Almighty Allah. The best way for practicing Itekaf is one on which a person stays in the mosque and seeks pardon from Almighty Allah for all his sins.

Allah Alone Knows Best and He is the Only Source of Strength.

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