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  • What is it?

This is an amazing gadget to help you in your daily life. It is called an I-tag device. Usually, we lose our keychains in our house or somewhere in the public and because of that loss, we're in deep stress. Here's the solution to all your problems. This device is a key finder. It helps you find your keys lost in a radius of a particular house. To make you feel better, this cheap, little device has other functions too i.e helps you take pictures with it and you can also use it for recording.

  • That being said I would like to move on to our next step and that is How to use this device?

If you are still here that means you have a little bit interesting developing there so don't let that interest go anywhere. I have got a video tutorial for you guys to help you understand this small gadget easily.



  • Wanna buy it?

This offer is only for people living anywhere in Pakistan. So if you are somewhat interested in buying this device. You can contact us, you can contact us at the number given in the description of the video.

  • Feedback of the device

Personally, I have used this device. And for you people thinking if it is worthy to buy or not. First of all, it is a very cheap device. Secondly, it is easy to use. Imagine losing your keys in a public place or somewhere at home. You could have found your key if you had an i-tag device.

You might wanna google it for further clarifications.



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