Those disorders can be caused by your nail polish!

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Nowadays, most of products contain chemical ingredients which may cause health issues for our bodies. It’s really important for your health to be aware of those products and their side affects, especially for youth and teenagers.


Recent studies shows that nail polish can cause some toxins that harm your body. Nail polish has triphenyl phosphate (TPHP) ingredient which used to make furniture fireproof. It makes the nail polish flexible, but study shows that it caused different health problems.

Usually TPHP not label on the nail polish, according to a study in Duke university on 10 nail polish products from different companies, they find out TPHP on the 8 of them. Our body actually absorbs TPHP after painting your nails.


TPHP can also make some changes on the women and men hormones based on the researches. In another study from Duke University, they asked from some volunteers to paint their nails and they found out that the level of DPHP increased a lot on their body.

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