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This is the post of my cousin Rebie this evening. This post is actually her prayer and It caught heart and attention, that's why I want it to share with you all.

"On this day of your life, Rebie, I believe God wants you to know... that love tolerates human foibles, faults and failings.

When someone does something you don't like, try toleration. Tell them in you nicest way that you do not feel good about what occurred or what was said, but try hard not to cold shoulder them, and block them out of any warm connection with you.

All you teach them by that is to be afraid of you... by making them afraid of losing you... or act least warmth of their connection with you. This is, of course, what some people say God does to us.

Give people the same break you would like God (and other people, for that matter) to give. AMEN!"

What can you say about her thoughts? Any comment? This prayer is so simple yet makes us reflect on the things that somehow we encounter or do some times in our lives. Me personally have done it yesterday and with continuity today. It so very hard to just ignore the annoying behavior of others that obviously trying to be good and righteous yet failed to look at consider the plight and rights of others. They themselves are trying to protect the welfare of their fellowmen yet have forgotten and/or inadvertently stepped on some rights.

Well everyone commit mistakes but ignores to accepts it for the better....


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