Thoughts On The Ber Months

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The Ber Months

We welcomed the "ber" months last quarter of the year. The ber months are the most celebrated months of the year. There are lots of events are happening or had happened. In the Philippines, September is the start of the Christmas season celebration, the longest in the whole world. However, not only celebrated occasions are in, many calamities are happening whether natural or man made. These includes terrorism and insurgency, typhoons and floods, earthquakes and many more. After the worst calamities and negative events in our midst, people tend to rise up, recover and move on whatever complexities in life that will happen.

Basically, wellness and health are our priorities in life. Staying positive and happy outlook in life will make us successful in our endeavors.

Don't get me wrong, stated was "ber" and not "beer". But you it could also be right, in the month of October, the "Octoberfest" is being celebrated. Drink beer as long as you could. But, take caution of your health, your liver, and of course of body figure, beer belly would attack you. Take it moderately, remember the saying, "health is wealth."

The month of October for Catholics is very significant because the month of "Rosary" is being celebrated in honor of the blessed Virgin Mary, the devotees of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary. They believe on the miracles behind this faith foe both in the physical and spiritual aspects and in treatment of many hopeless ailments.

At the end of October, here comes the "Halloween." This is a big event and celebration in the Western World. The "Trick and Treat" gives the most enjoyment and fun to the children in their best costumes of scary motifs yet happy positive motives.

All Saints Day and All Souls Day every 1st and 2nd of November respectively reminds us to venerate the blessed and pray for our departed ones, as we realizes, too, that life is short. Thus our best choice is to make sure that we live a healthy life in all disciplines of life. We also have to pay attention to our spiritual life and make it holy as much ad possible. We have to also share our blessings, be charitable and respectful to our fellowmen.

And finally, in spite of the commercialization and advertisements, people are emotionally and wittingly panicking with their buying habits. To much engagement in parties and pleasurable activities, overeating and over drinking; we would not stop Christmas celebration. Be ready for stress that brought about by this season. Stress not only on physical and emotional aspects but also in financial status.

Christmas, the mass for Christ the Savior or the celebration of the birth of Jesus of the humanity, for Roman Catholics and other Christian sects. To heal the society is probably to once and for all focus our mind on the true meaning of the birth of Jesus Christ as God sent and role model to redeem and save us from the troubled world. Jesus Christ's obedience to the Father's will is the message for us to obey too to God's will for a truly enjoyable and peaceful life. God's commandment to love our neighbor and other as ourselves and forgive and love our enemies, rather difficult but we need to follow it.



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