Three Christmas Parties in December!

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Image credits: Jean Beltran via Facebook

When the month of December hits, it is already expected that as a Filipino citizen, one will soon be joining Christmas gatherings and parties. This can be with work, friends or even families.

I too had gone to different gatherings this month and since it is just five days before we end this year of 2018, let me share three of the Christmas parties I had been to and what had commenced whilst in those celebrations.


It was supposedly four but I ditched the first party which was with my company. I had a shoot booking on that day and so I had to bail in which my colleagues were really sad about but we couldn't do anything about it because I had already made my commitments. Anyway, everything was good and they had fun with the party. Now, back at my other three parties.

Year End Gathering and Christmas Party with College Friends


Image credits: Jean Beltran via Facebook

Each year, it has been a custom for my college friends to meet and catch up. Most of us live in the same city, some are already married, others have kids while some are soon to get married while there are still single men and ladies. But the good thing about this get together is that although we have Facebook to tell us what's been going on with this and that person's life, we can be intimate and talk without the mobile screen just like how we did when we were in college.

Back in college, we used to go to one of our college mate's house for projects, and even if we don't have projects, we would still do so because her parents cook the best food and we are always served for free which we were a little embarrassed about but they had assured us it was pure hospitability and we believed it.


Image credits: Jean Beltran via Facebook

Anyway, this year's get together was held at K1 KTV in Crossroads along Banilad Street, Cebu. It's quite spacious, with KTV and consumable food too but only for a specific time.

The event was planned for 7 PM but because of the heavy rain in Cebu City, James and I came late and arrived at nine in the evening, we were two hours late. But what surprised me the most was that there were four pregnant friends in the room! What's so cute about our group is that most of us have partners whom we have known since college, some were even a couple since high school and one of our friends had married our instructor too! So all of us have known each other for quite a while.


Image credits: Jean Beltran via Facebook

It was remarkable, I was stunned to see four of them with big bellies and soon be laboring, all for next year. I have not seen them posting photos of themselves on Facebook except for one so it was a surprise to learn about their pregnancy in a get together like this.

Anyway, our get together won't be complete without singing. Back in college, we would randomly just go out, eat and sing inside KTVs because we all love to sing. I remember our friend Tonette who loves Linkin Park so much she sings it whenever we are about to go out so we could shout all our energies out before our time ends. So, this was like a reminiscing habit for us.


Image credits: Jean Beltran via Facebook

There was pure laughter, catching up stories, and of course exchange gifts too! Our exchange gifts this year was called White Elephant where we all have to choose either to pick a random gift number or steal someone else's gift. It was longspun, amusing and heartbreaking at the same time to lose the gift you wanted but all was just for fun! It was always great to see my college friends, I would always want to join this event because I love to see how we have matured and now starting to build our own families.

Church Anniversary, Thanksgiving and Christmas Program


Image credits: bitLanders Society via Facebook

We were back in Bohol on the 23rd for our local church's anniversary, Thanksgiving and Christmas Program. This is also another annual event of which I always look forward to because every year, it is my goal to be a blessing to others and I would love to do this with the people around me starting with my church mates.


Image credits: bitLanders Society via Facebook

The event started with a service, of course, then there was a buffet, all the food served was from the members who brought each of their specialties. There were local delicacies, sweets and of course viands, all contributed by each family and location groups.

After the eating which was the Thanksgiving part came the Christmas Party part. This was where we had exchange gifts, group games for the kids, youth and adults and I distributed my Christmas gifts too for the kids, youth, and families.


Image credits: bitLanders Society via Facebook

For the kids, James and I prepared school supplies, my niece Zaila helped me prepare the packs. Then for the young people, I had prepared statement shirts as always, I had been giving these for three years now. And lastly, the bundle of joy for each family.

Family Mini Christmas Party


Image credits: Jean Beltran via Facebook

Lastly, before Noche Buena, our small family member of eleven set up our own mini Christmas Party. Prior to the 24th, my niece Zaila had prepared our Secret Santa for the exchange gifts. So the rule was to pick a name and he or she will be the recipient of your gift with a minimum amount of Php 100.

I picked up my nephew's name, Seth and so I went to our local shopping center and bought him a pair of fake crocs which was only Php 110 and a bag of 54 diapers too!

Our Christmas party started at around ten in the evening, of course, we had prepared our Noche Buena table too before even starting. The first parts were really fun as we played games, here's a preview of the games we played:

Video credits: Jean Beltran via YouTube

Video credits: Jean Beltran via YouTube

Then the exchange gifts part which was another hilarious and enjoyable one because we have to describe our Manito before giving the gift. Then lastly, we had our Noche Buena as the clock stroke 12 midnight. Our personalized gifts for the entire family was also distributed at that time.

Being blessed this year, I didn't aim anything for myself anymore. I don't know why but it feels more fulfilling to give and be a blessing to someone else rather than buying stuff for my own. I guess it is a midlife crisis but I feel great each time I see kids smiling at me and thanking me for what they had received, even those families who had given their hugs and thanks, they all mean a lot.


Image credits: Jean Beltran via Facebook

Thank you for reading! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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