Three Questions for each one # what is your answer?

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Three positive things you have in your personality?

1-      More time I am attempt to my education to find the best education in this respect never I last time. Because never we cant find this time.

2-      I have a best family on time help me in the different field of my life after this also I have a very big feel because my family is my Supporter.

3-      Life need to experience. Experience is very important to every one all people have elders at home. Like grand father, grand mother, father, mother, big brother and big sister, etc. they are have a very strong experience and we have to achievement the elders because life is necessary the experience.

 Three things which you don’t have in your personality but you want to have?

1-      Every people the first need to the complete faith in our life.

2-      Having lots of money is all a dream, but I want to wake. Because I've worked very hard to find the money.

3-      In this thing to I don’t have in my personality. But one is complete because I find my best friend the name of him Anoosh barakzai. He is a very best friend of mine and we are very happy.

Three things which you had in your personality but you don’t have now?

1-      Every day or every week shopping not well but I edict to shopping and spend my money.

2-      I wanted graduate the school I liked to success in the government university. But I am not success.  And I had my interior in a private university.

3-      I beg all of your friends to answer any questions. please do not copy my blog in the comment .

Written by : Mohammad seeyam zalmi 

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