♡ Tie-Dye Nails ♡

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♡You will need:

  • 2 nail polishes

  • a toothpick or small brush

  • topcoat

  • rhinestones (optional)


  1. Pick 2 colours that you like but are not too similar- I picked pink and light green. One will be your base colour- mine was green; and the other will be your other tie-die colour- mine was pink.

  2. Paint two blobs of each colour on your ring finger.

  3. Use the toothpick or small brush to swirl the two colours together- but not too much otherwise they'll blend together.

  4. Paint the rest of your nails in your base colour.

  5. Apply topcoat on all of your nails.

  6. (optional) Add a matching rhinestone to the base of your tie-dye nail.

  7. Allow to dry and you're done! ♡


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