Time 100 Influential People: Roya Mahboob

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Roya Mahboob really surprised me from the very first moment I met her and I knew what she was pursuing in Afghanistan, one of the most difficult places in the world for a business woman, an entrepreneur whose logic is not only profit but educational software and women's empowerment.

First of all, I am amazed that she was able to reach these targets at only 25 years old, that is more or less when anybody else just starts their working career. I'm proud that Film Annex chose her and the Afghan Citadel Software Company to be partner to develop more schools in such a tough environment and help women like Roya and her staff be confident in themselves and achieve any goals they target.

So last year were founded Women's Annex and Citadel of New York that represent our partnership with Roya and Afghan Citadel.

She is the top one in the Time 100 Pioneers listing, with above 4,000 likes on Facebook. She is also very interested in my activity : fashion textile and clothing.

One of her new desire is to expand the Afghan culture also through fashion and to create a brand of Afghan clothes and accessories that represent Afghan fashion trends. I'm sure that now she is getting more popular, there could be very interesting opportunities to develop this idea and distribute these products in exclusive shopping location in the US.

I really hope I can use my experience in the fashion business to help Roya establish another great tool to consolidate women's position in the Afghan society and hopefully modernize their entire society mentality.

Media, fashion, women, and education should be a great base to a fast growing development of Afghanistan!

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