Time doesn't heal anything, you do.

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Time can literally flow by and do nothing about your pain.It doesn't heal nor conceal your scars. We do it ourselves. Time has no time for you, it's too busy in running away while you wait for a start that you and only you have to take. And if it's all about forgetting/ moving on and letting go then why do you have to wait for so long? Why not start today?

Getting over a painful past can be the hardest thing you ever do in your life.It's like standing up on top of a mountain gathering enough courage to jump, while knowing you can't fly without any wings. But there's no other escape. No other way to reach the bottom. No other way to start over again and change it. And you're the only one who can do it for you, no one else will.

To heal yourself, you have to learn to let go. I know it sounds way more easier than it really is. It's the hardest part. But it's the first step. it's the only step you have to urge yourself to take and then, the whole journey becomes easy. Letting go is must. Burn and delete everything that reminds you of or calls you back to the phase you want to move on from. Cut off everyone who contributes to bring you sadness, rage, anger, frustration and all such negative feeling. Don't lie to yourself be honest and avoid all such people and activities that drag you to self-pity or rage.

Detox your life and flush away all negative factors and people. There's nothing wrong in avoiding what you don't like and abandoning what you want to get rid of. Don't go crying yourself to sleep or reading those messages over and over, it will only weaken you. Don't stalk people on social media, it will only contribute to your paranoia. Don't talk and think about things that make you cry. Just don't sit in a corner listening to depressing music intensifying your loneliness.

Once you let go and avoid the worst side, here comes the replacements. Try to spend your time with family. Family heals almost everything. Try to bring little changes in your lifestyle. Get a new make over, start working out, sketch or write your feelings. start cool activities like cooking and baking. Write out your feelings. Write about the blessing God had bestowed upon you. Be grateful. And use your best weapon, your SMILE, to start it all off.

When you get rid of the junk and replace it with gold, try to be nice to everyone. Even if someone from your past pops out of nowhere, stay calm and be nice. Bring positive feelings about everything from within yourself. Offer care to everyone if nothing else.

And most importantly, have faith. Believe in being watched by a SUPREME BEING, a CREATOR who has created and planned everything that your life contains. And believe that HE is always there for you, HE will never burden you beyond your limits. Have faith that this life and everything in it is merely a test and if you stay positive and demonstrate patience, HE will Reward you. Just have faith in the fact that HE is watching your back and will never let you loose. All you have to do is prove to HIM that you're worth his favors and you will find yourself in a way better state.

So get up and start today, in fact start now. Don't wait for the right time, make it the right time.Detox your life from filthy people and hopelessness. Get rid of these caged feelings. Jump from the top. Yes, you're gonna hit the ground hard. But only to be stronger, better and ready for the next time. And remember you start it all off with your best weapon, your SMILE. So SMILE :) Happy Healing <3

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