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Parents And Kids Nowadays

It might hurt your heart a little whenever you see or hear an arguing parent and kid, yelling at each other and sometimes they cannot control themselves so they are hurting each other.

We still have a chance to avoid that thing to happen to us and to our children, train them to be a better person while they are still a kid because I'm pretty sure that you don't want to end up having a fight with your own child and you wanted to be respected by them.

Keep This In Mind

Every child seeks for love, care and attention from their parents because those three things are the most important things that a child must see/feel while he/she is growing up because those will help your child to have the so called "Self-confidence".

Also by giving your child the love, care and attention will make your bond with your son stronger than anything and this will be the entrance passage to a happy family.

Good Parenting

The best way to raise your child as a better person is to follow your own ways of parenting but what's written here may help you in some way though.

Important Words To Say

You need to always teach your child the difference between the right and wrong, the difference between the good and bad, the dos and don'ts and to respect the other people.

You must also build his self-confidence by praising your child whenever your child did something good for your childto realize the feeling of doing something good. 

Always ask your child about what your child wanted to be when he/she grew up, that way your child's dream will be set although it may be changed the important part of this is your child will keep on his/her mind that she/he will work hard to be able to reach that dream.

Make Your Child Feel

Make your child feel that he/she is important to you in the way that you are going to scold them whenever they did something bad or wrong and then after scolding them ask them why did you scold them, ask them why are you angry. By doing this you're child will be able to know that bad things mustn't be done. After asking your child those questions you must tell him/her something like this " I don't want you to be a bad person so that i scolded you, i scolded you because what you did is bad, i scolded you because you are important to me, i scolded because i love you".

Give Enough Attention, Love And Care

This part might be the hardest part of being a good parent because sometimes we hardly make someone feel this because of pride, we hardly make someone feel this even if they are our family member and that is not right.

Give enough attention, love and care to your children because this is the most important thing when it comes toparenting and it is also the best way of raising your child as a good person. Always tell your child that you love him/her and make your child feel that your "I love you" is real but that is the one that i can't teach you how, you must find out how to do that yourself.

You must have enough time to spend with your children even if you've got your job because time is one of the most important thing that you must give to your children.
Play with them if you have your free time, sleep with them sometimes and help them with their homework but don't give them the answer so that they will know that they can count on you but they still need to work hard.

When you see them sad ask them immediately about their problem and tell them every comforting words that you knew to help them feel better but if your child is the one at fault you must not scold your child but make him/her understand everything and in the end give your child some advice about what is he/she going to do.


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