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Run Run and Run

I was in 9th class and whole of the school was competing for X-Country Running Championship in the winter days. The race ended and i was in the last lot who ended the race. When i reached many guys mocked me of my performance and i was a bit disappointed from myself. Next day, i went to library and directly searched for some books on running and read them. The first tip of every book was to "RUN". From that day i started running and no one believed in their eyes when a boy who was last to finish in 9th class became champion of whole college/school in 12th class. So if you want to become a real runner just go out in some shoes or either bare foot and just start running.

Complete the run

Never stop running without completing your target. The main thing about not winning or becoming a real runner is that the guys stop , they feel that their body is now not more capable of running or striving and they lose. When i started running i used to do the same but when i read some of the books i found out it's a very bad habit to stop during your run , I then decided that whatever happens i will not stop and i fulfilled that pact. While running your mind make excuses as it is not used to this scenario , let the mind make the excuses and you concentrate on how you can become an olympic champion.

Believe in yourself

While running never think it as some hard work or whatever but just think about it as a reward, Running has many benefits and it makes you healthy and relaxed. Think you are the best during running and run like a cheetah !

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