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New moms everywhere are always looking for the most nutritional food to feed their children in a world that has temptations written on every advertisement, television show, game and magazine steering them in the wrong direction.

Living in the city, I see a lot of moms carrying around ziploc baggies full of fruit, carrots, some celery or cereal for the most part. But many wonder, what should I actually feed my kids that is nutritious?

Well you may read a ton of magazines and books in regards to healthy eating, which is awesome; it shows you are really dedicated to health and nutrition.

For those that want some quick tips on nutritious foods some ‘superfoods’ that both children and parents can benefit from in the mornings are eggs, oatmeal,  and milk. I’m sure you’ve heard of all of these before but just to quickly reiterate the reasons why these are essential.

Eggs are a great source of natural Vitamin D and nutritious proteins, which helps our bodies absorb calcium. However, I would advise to get free-range organic eggs; they may be slightly more expensive but worth the price when you think of all of the hormones that are pumped into chicken these days.

Oatmeal is another great source of fiber-rich grains that provide kids with a consistent stream of energy because oats digest slowly in our bodies.

Now if you’re thinking giving your children Frosted Mini-Wheats from Kelloggs please think twice; that cereal is loaded with sugar and just to add more frosting on this cake, Kelloggs recently agreed to a $4 million settlement in a class-action lawsuit over the marketing claims it made in regards to the Frosted Mini-Wheats cereal, doesn’t sound too healthy to me.

Milk is another great superfood for parents and children. Milk is full of protein and calcium, beneficial for our bodies and minds. Depending on your nutritional preferences, some adults may choose to opt for the healthier options and I mean Soy milk or Almond milk.

One more thing to consider is to try and go organic when it comes to milk for your children and yourself, the natural way is always the better way.

These are just a few of the many in store. The main thing is to try and keep it natural and organic.

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