Tips to bring peace in your relationship

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Life is full of surprises. One minute you think your in love with someone who you think you can be with forever, the next minute that same guy is forgotten. Now I want to revise such statement because I have found the person whom have found Jesus within our relationship. For almost a year, we spent our relationship together without the presence of arguments and fights. You know what we did in order to bring peace and harmony in our relationship?


I will give you 3 tips in order to bring peace and harmony to your relationship.


1. Both of you should be honest to each other.

Usually we tend to keep secrets to ourselves but once you have a partner, you should both speak what was about your past, present, and future. The horrible experiences, the most awful stories, the fights, the sins, the joyous memories, dreams, and even your deepest desires.


2. Give Effort to your relationship

In a relationship, both of your should do the effort. A relationship is a give-and-take relationship, it's not only a guys job to make a girl happy but it's also the girl's job to make his man happy. It is like riding a see-saw if only one of you kicks in order to go up, one can stay stuck on top. If there is effort from both of you, then your relationship will stay strong.


3. Just LOVE

In everything you do just remember one thing, JUST LOVE. When something goes wrong, JUST LOVE. Even when it hurts, JUST LOVE. Even when the world is against you, JUST LOVE. Nothing is gonna go wrong if you do everything in LOVE.

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