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Hello, guys!


It's a hot summer day here in my country. Since I can't go out in the heat and wait for the cooler part of the day, I wanted to feel a little bit useful and write another blog. I decided that today's topic will be everyone's favorite in this lovely network - bitLanders. I'll be giving some tips regarding getting higher ranking in the leaderboard, buying items from the shop, and getting the most out of your experience here.



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I joined bitLanders around a year ago, and in the beginning, things were very different than now. The rules were different, some of the users in the leaderboard were different, and with time things kept on changing slowly and for the better. This social and rewards website is constantly improving through time, and as the rules are modified, all sides are benefiting from it - the users and the bitLanders staff, as well.

I already have some blogs regarding using bitLanders from the beginning when I first joined, but as I've spent more time now, I think my tips would be more valuable now for all users who want to enjoy the website. And I hope to see users have fun here and help each other in multiple ways.

First, let's see what is the website stating about them. You can find this information in their About section of the menu: is a digital platform where users are rewarded for their content and social media leadership.

Also, please check this video to learn more about the bitLanders platform:


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Writing Blogs



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When newbies join the site and they start asking about how do they make money, how do they reach higher in rankings, the first advice I have for them is to write quality blogs. Not long ago, submitting blogs here was not necessary, but since the last time rules changed regarding blogs, the only way to publish a blog now is by submitting it for review. You can check that information in Micky's post regarding this implementation.

Every new user has the privilege of three free blog submissions, so it's great if you could read the FAQs first. Don't blow your chances away, but instead inform yourself regarding the requirements and the criteria by which the submissions are reviewed. The rules concern the length of the blogs, proper tag usage, grammatically correct sentences, as well as the way you present your text and illustrate it with photos and videos.

Of course, to write your first blog it will take time, but with each next post, you will notice how you are improving in terms of speed and quality. Practice can make miracles sometimes. Give your best, and see what happens. For one year here, I've never seen a user who is following the requirements of writing blogs, and not get their rewards.



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The better you become, the more stars you will get after each review, but do try your best to get at least 2 stars, because otherwise buzz bonus is not received. Only quality blogs get bonuses and are counted and considered for your rank and score. You can check this information additionally here. Happy blogging!


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The Shop

To buy items from the shop you can use the shopping cart from the menu at the top of the page. Once you're there you'll notice two sections: one related to clothes and accessories for your avatar, and the other one is about purchasing gems and stickers (as far as I'm aware stickers are no longer on offer).

Buying clothes is fun and some of the items give bonuses while others are without a bonus, to make your avatar look fancy, or personalized. There are also products that are offered specifically to acknowledge a celebration, like fireworks, traditional clothes for a given culture or event, etc. All those are usually announced, and some are in the shop only during a specific timeframe. So, it's a good idea to stay informed by reading the recent news from the admins.



The Tiara



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From time to time new products are added to the shop and you can use this link to see them, they are in the What's New section. Usually, such items are announced in a blog as well by Micky-the-slanted-salerno. This was the case with the Tiara which was recently on offer for 500 gems in this section.

So, what's the deal with this tiara? The bitLanders' Tiara is a very special item which gives +30 buzz points increase for 180 days to users who purchase it. Besides looking beautiful and is a unique accessory for your avatar (male of female), it does give you the chance to perform better and climb the higher ranks with less effort.

As an example, one 5-star blog gives you +15 buzz points for 5 days, a 4-star blog provides +5 buzz points for 5 days, so to get almost near to what the tiara benefits you, one will need at least two 5-starred blogs or six 4-starred blogs per week. Here I'm not including the base buzz increase which you get with posts, but it is just an example and I'm actually comparing the powerups (or the additional bonuses), and not the base buzz.

Of course, to receive such kind of reward, it takes an investment - 500 gems. Many users ask me here, what is the price of 1 gem? To get an idea how much it is you can visit the shop in the third section as I've already described. But keep in mind that this price is not fixed - the bigger amount you purchase, the cheaper per piece (very similar to the way prices are formed in a supermarket, for example).



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The Rewards



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Usually, people who joined here because of the earnings need to know how much they could possibly make. It's a natural question, that comes. To get an accurate idea of what to expect, visit the leaderboard, and check on the right side of each user how much they are making per day. Rank 1 user Jean-Beltran, for example, is making 5,015,963 BM ≈ $5,01 today (as of 28.06.2017). Which means that for this day that's the highest possible reward one could make on the website.



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Before you say you want more, consider that bitLanders is a rewards website, it's a social place where users talk, interact, blog, exchange ideas and get rewarded for that. It is not to be considered a job, nor a full-time income. It's very important that users who join understand this in order to get the maximum use and benefit themselves and others, as well.



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I hope I gave enough tips for a new user to begin successfully his adventure on this website. But, do read the FAQs first, that will give you a broader picture of what it's like to be a bitLanders' member, some guidelines, rules to follow, etc. The more you're informed, the better you will perform, the most you will enjoy!


Thanks for reading!



- NinaB


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