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Nobody likes to paying taxes. Even those who know that taxes is necessary and just do not welcome the tax collector as a friend. It is not pleasant to see part of your monthly income taken away from you in income tax and the farmer feel aggrieved that so much of his rents and profits of his labor is carried off by government officials.

Ignorant people think this is an unjust and make a grievance of it so it is just as well that we should know why we are taxed. So that we can see the fairness of the system.  These taxes are used only for the welfare of the citizens that live in a country  and spend their life in a better way. Every country must have a government of some sort or life would be impossible . The primary duties of a government are to protect the life and properties of the citizens in a just and orderly way through the law. To defend the country foregin foes and to maintain the road and highways.

Besides this many governments maintain and direct education,  hospital for the sake of peoples and attend to sanitation. All these great public duties need one army and navy have to be kept,  the police force and the judges have to be paid, school have to the provided and teachers supported, expert health officers and sanitary engineering have to be employed. Now where is all the money needed for the public service to come from. That question is answered to another.

For whose benefits are all the services maintain. Is there, for the public. It is the people as a whole rich and poor that benefits by security of life and property by the sound administration of justice, maintenance of roads,  by the public hospital, public school and good sanitation system. It is only right that the public individual citizens of the country should contribute the money needed for the money they give come back to them in the shape of the public benefit which all enjoy.

So long, therefore as we have a good  and efficient government so long as our money is being used in the right way and so long as the burden of taxes distributed fairly. As different classes can bear it,  we have no right to grumble at having to pay our share of the taxes. It is the responsibility of the government to collect it.  Taxes are payed both in rich people as well as poor peoples.

It is the responsibility of every citizen to pay the taxes with fair and justice. The taxes are used only for the citizens that live in a country . Taxes are very important and without it country will not survive and the government can not give the better facilities for the citizen.

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