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I am on the R subway line fairly often throughout the week. And as you all may have experience, when you’re on the subway and you don’t have a book, or some tunes, or a magazine, or anyone you know to talk to without looking like a creeper, you tend to stare and read absolutely every advertisement within your range of vision, including the long ones. Now usually we’re able to read through all of the subway ads within maybe a minute’s time and then we continue re-reading the same ads, stare at a spot on the floor or twiddle with our thumbs so as to not glare at anyone and spark unwanted conflict or attention. As I entered the train to begin this habitual process, since I had forgotten all of my possible distractions at home, I noticed a UNIQLO advertisement, which, if you’ve seen it before, is fairly long. The advertisement featured UNIQLO’s new and improved technologically advanced apparel. The thing about UNIQLO is they’ve really found their niche in the apparel industry, which are those individuals who genuinely will pay a little more for a better, more durable and technologically advanced T-Shirt, sweatshirt or pair of pants. Everyone loves Iron Man, and if given the chance to wear a cool suit like him, or at least something in the slight vicinity of the Iron Man suit, they probably would; well the closest thing for common-folk that we have these days is the UNIQLO brand. So, the advertisement featured their newly named AIRism line of clothing that focuses on cooling the body down during those hot, humid and sweaty summer days in our grand New York City. The ad states that AIRism clothes focus on quickly absorbing and releasing excess moisture to keep your skin dry, they have ultra-fine fibers that are smooth against your skin and the special fabric processing ensures odors are absorbed and neutralized. I know this all sounds too good to be true but many customer reviews show genuine satisfaction with the product that comes at a decent price and a minimalist style. So my question is hey, why not try it out in this blazing summer heat? Talk about a memorable and informative advertisement on the subway.


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