Today’s Special – International Make-Up day

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Today’s Special – International Make-Up day

Oops, I was completely forgetting to share my special topic – Today’s special. What is special today? Today, 10th September is marked as the “International Make-Up Day. I am not talking about the beauty make up; I am talking about the rectification and correction or adjustment. Whatever we had done wrong in past, we have opportunity to undo them, and the day is holistically devoted towards the auspicious work is today.

It is better not to repent only on the work you have done in past, you have an opportunity utilize ctrl+Z today. I am sure, you have some to rectify definitely. It is not too late than never. So as it is the perfect day for that, you can start apologizing for your past misbehaviour with your old friend or ex-lover. Who knows, they can be a bigger person for your life. Make-up with them will be an excellent idea for today.

Wish you all happy “Make-Up Day”

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