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Tolerance is best part of the life and it shows about character of the life. But unfortunately we are living in the 21th century where all the generation is fast and we have forgotten all the past examples of our great leaders. Our great leaders have written the history due to tolerance.


We have lost everything since the 62 years. It is big loss for us to low temperament.

We always ready to fight with the others on the little issues. What is tolerance we have forgotten?


In this world, always remember that short temper person can't take a good step for the future either he is politician, businessman and president. Tolerance is real power for the good future because it is basic for the good relationships.


But this time we are only nation who have lost our old examples, may be due to reason we are facing to crimes matter in the day by day in Pakistan. We are fighting with each other on every day and some terrorist are killing our innocent peoples.


In the short we can say that, tolerance is best way for the peace and it makes our relations good n well with other persons.


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