Tom Cruise: Hollywood's leading Man

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Tom Cruise

Tom cruise is most famous actor and Hollywood's leading actor

Tom Cruise was conceived on July three, 1962, in New York. He has adding an enthusiasm for acting and when he was in secondary school, he become fame with his star turns in Risky Business and Top Gun. Journey later earned recognition for his work in the his most famous film “Jerry Maguire” and “The Mission: Impossible”. He likewise was focused by the tabloids for his marriages to on-screen characters Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes.

Why I am writing about him?

Because I like him and he got wonderful personality and his performance in Mission Impossible film force me to write down regarding him I love his movies and his performance in world war , Jack Reacher , and Edge of Tomorrow he is extremely hard worker and he is most well-known leading Hollywood’ actor and apart from his actor career which I like is that he got amazing personality and he support many charities organization and he give £2.5million charity to Church of Scientology. He is wonderful and have excellent temperament let’s start from his early career


Early Life

As I mention on top of that he was born in New York Thomas Cruise Mapother, IV, otherwise called Tom Cruise, his mom was a novice actress and teacher, and his dad was an electrical engineer. After some year later. When he was 11, Tom cruise’s guardians separated and the youngsters moved with their mom to New Jersey, after her remarriage. Like his mom and three sisters, Cruise experienced dyslexia, which made scholastic achievement troublesome for him. He exceeded expectations in games, after some year later when he was 16, an educator urged him to partake in the school's generation of the musical “Guys and Dolls”. He got himself shockingly at home on the stage, and after that his career was born.


Acting Career

Tom curious set a 10-year due date for himself in which to make an acting career He cleared out school and went to New York, working hard through a great many auditions before getting an entrance in 1981's “Endless Love”, featuring Brooke Shields. About this same period, he caught a little part in the military school dramatization Taps (1981),

His film, Risky Business (1983), earned $65 million. It likewise made Cruise an exceedingly familiar on-screen character after few year his film Top gun in 1986 and his film became highest earning flim of 1986 and after that he become famous actor in Hollywood and after few year he was nominated for GOLDEN GOLBE for best actor award

Pictures from his movie Risky Business

Top Gun Trailer 1986

Pictures from his film,Top Gun


Hollywood's Leading Man

In 1996 he was working his new film “Mission Impossible” which I love it and his film hit the huge and made many record and after his film released he become more famous in the world and “Mission Impossible” earn 64 million dollar and after that he was nominated for Best Supporting actor and after few year his film anticipated bang success in “Mission Impossible 2” in 2000, and after some year later he still had a staying power and he was working in “War of the World” (2005), which earn more than $230 million And His next struggle for “Mission Impossible 3” in 2006 and one more interesting thing was Paramount Pictures ended its 14 year relationship with the Tom cruise.

And in 2008 he delighted the audiences and his fans with his performance in Tropic Thunder which is comedy film.And in 2008, he released his 2nd part “War of the Worlds” film and film was about a plot. Cruise head the cast as a German army officer who turn out to be involved in the conspiracy.And after a long time finally tom Cruise back to his most famous film in 2011 with “Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol”. And very next year 2012 musical Rock of Ages.In 2012 he released crime film “Jack Reacher”, and very next year he released his film, “Oblivion” in 2013 and “Edge of Tomorrow” in 2014 .and in 2015 delivered his natural high energy performance for the, Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation

War of the Worlds 2005 Trailer

Edge of Tomorrow 2014 Trailer

Pictures from his movie Edge of tomorrow 2014



Mission:Impossible Ghost Protocol Official Trailer

Picture from his movie Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol


Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation Trailer

Mission: Impossible:Rogue Nation Tom Cruise Behind the Scenes Interview

Pictures from his movie Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation


As you guys seen his movies he look so young because he daily do jogging and exercise his weight is 70kg (170 pounds) and his height is 5’7


Working for humanity and supporting many charities organization

He is also working for charities and human rights and he support and help the victim of 9/11 he supported numerous charities organization like Children's Hospice & Palliative Care Coalition, Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation , UNICEF , Motion Picture and Television Fund Foundation and many more charities organization

Tom Cruise's give £2.5million donation to the Church of Scientology


 He is such a cool guy My best wishes for him best of luck


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