Top 10 Features of Microsoft Office 2007

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Microsoft Office 2007 is one of the most loved and used versions. Despite many features of it, I have decided to gather top 10 features in this article.


Top 10 Features of Microsoft Office 2007

I have listed them in the headings one by one. So, keep reading to learn more about them.

Saving Documents in PDF Format

Office 2007 applications can now save in PDF format unlike those in earlier Microsoft versions. However, this is after you download and install the free add-in from Microsoft. You can as well open documents created using the prior versions and save them in PDF.

New User interface

The new user interface is available in Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Access 2007. The new user interface has Quick launch Toolbar, Ribbon navigator, and the Office Button. In addition, the Outlook 2007 still uses the traditional menus and toolbars.

The Quick Access Toolbar

This toolbar by default in Office 2007 applications is located on the right of Microsoft Office Button in the upper left corner of the window. This Office button contains very useful shortcuts such as Save, New, Save As, Undo, Redo and many more.


Now files in word 2007 can be saved as .docx rather than the former .doc. The X in the .docx stands for XML, which is more secure and smaller. On the other hand, if the document contains macros and other codes it will be saved as .docm.

Document Inspector

Microsoft Office 2007 can now remove the hidden data such as tracking details and the property comments. These files can also apply the document inspector to documents that are created in earlier versions. It helps to check the document to ensure that the receiver did not receive some hidden surprises.

Help system

Microsoft Office 2007 has a very advanced help system that works the same in all Office 2007 applications. The help box appears after you hover in a command on one of the Ribbon tabs with more distinctive text than before. The help panel has a more user-friendly and clearer help text.

SmartArt Graphics

This is new in the word, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Excel. They build on the graphical diagrams and shapes that you could create in the earlier versions. However, they are enhanced with additional features such as glow, 3D effects, color formatting and Shadow. In addition, SmartArt is formed just the same way in all the applications.

Spell checker

The Microsoft Office users can now use the spell checker after they have created a document to check for spelling errors, repeated words, and typos. You can also review word’s grammar as you scroll down your document.


With Microsoft Office 2007, once you click on the Print command, a dialogue box will appear with more options. The dialogue box will give you a chance of selecting the number of pages, the printer that the document will be printed on and many more. Another thing is that if you click the right of Print command there are three areas that appear, the print which opens the print dialogue box, the Quick print option that sends the document directly to the printer and the last is the print preview, which will display how the document will look like after printing.

Autocorrect options

This very useful option is common in word 2007. As the name suggests, it is applied to autocorrect misspelling and other common typos. This feature is new in Microsoft Office 2007 applications as opposed to those in the earlier options.


I hope after reading these features you have decided to give it a try. If you want, you can download the fully registered version of Microsoft Office 2007 for free from here.

One thing I want to mention, the 10 above-mentioned features are not the only features of Office 2007.

You can also watch this video to learn more about the features of Microsoft Office 2007.

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