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Interbrand is a brand adviser or consultancy which provides valuation of brands, strategical operation for brands,  naming and designing. It was started in 1974, initially for brand naming, then changed to brand strategy and designing in 1979.

The company has it's 31 offices in 27 countries in 36 years. They publish a catalog of rankings of 100 globally recognized brands, annually. These rankings are done on the basis of brand's financial part and its extent of strength.

Mainly, the company discerns financial performance of the product that an specific brand produces. How much impact it has on end client or consumers prime.

There formula or method for ranking is that they observe brand's existence in at least three major continents. The brand necessarily have significant growth in constantly in emerging trade or market. Revenues from outside the continent should be less than or equal to fifty percent. At least, thirty percent of the revenue should be generated in the parent country.

Here, I added a video to show how Interbrand ranking method works.

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Out of top global brands, I will be putting some of my preferred, down the post.


Apple headquarters in California.

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Apple, a California based company that is distinguished as a technology company. Its products include iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac computers and more on this line. Besides hardware, its software are Apple Store, App Store, Apple Music and iCloud.

Founded in 1st of April in the year of 1976, to sell Apple Computers. Founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wonzniak and Ronald Wayne. Ranked at first position on Interbrand possessing value of US$ 170,276 million.

You will be putting a glance on an overview of Apple products.


First introduced in 1984, also known as Mac, is a computer designed and sold by Apple.

Apple's first Mac, launched in 1984.

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There are almost five genres of Macintosh in different years which are categorized as all in one to to laptops or MacBooks. Here, I added a video about Macintosh released in 1984.

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Apple iPhone

Apple iPhone, one of the prominent smartphones in the market. First released in 2007 with the name iPhone. Twelve iPhone smartphones have been sold by the company til 2015. Latest addition was iPhone 6s and its "Plus" version, iPhone 6s Plus.

Chart presents iPhone sales from 2009 to 2015.

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iPhone 6s Commercial from world's leading consumer electronics designer, Apple.

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Googleplex, Google headquarters, California, United States. 

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Google, collecting a revenue of $66.001 billion in 2014, is a multinational company particularized in services including Google Search, AdSense, Online Storage and operating systems containing Android OS, Chrome OS. In addition to, its features comprise Video serving and videos blogging website and internet browsers.

The company was established in 1998 by efforts of Larry Page and Sergey Brin when two PhD. students started their project. In initial launch, Google was launched with US$ 100,000 financial contribution having only Google Search servers.

We are debating about some of Google services, below.

Google Search

Google Search screenshot.

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Google Search, intention of developers when Google Incorporated started in 1998. Foremost search engine and web search service in the World, Google Search is principle source of Income and Google earns most of its revenue through advertisements displayed with searches along the page. 

Being the world's noteworthy search website, more than three billion searches per day are handled by its servers. 

Let's acquire knowledge about how Google Search works with a video. 

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Related Ad shown on search page. 

Google AdWrods is online advertising service that enables businesses and marketers to create their ads which are put on page with search results. Only ads related and matching to keywords are shown.

It was started in 2000. It is one of the assisting source of revenue for Google.

To obtain a knowledge of AdWords, watch the video I put here.

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Coca-Cola is a multinational carbonated soft drink company that produces Coca-Cola or Coke. Introduced in 1886, named after its one of main ingredients Kola Nuts. Originally produced with intention of medicine, subsequently John Pemberton introduced Coca-Cola drink in same century. The pharmacist was curious to fabricate a soft drink having distinct taste.

A verity about Coca-Cola is its earliest serving were purchased for five cents glass. The originator of this drink was keen to find a substitute for his addiction, morphine. This anxiety led him to create world's most popular soft drink.


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Here, if you want to be informed about 128 historical years of Coca-Cola, I recommend to watch this video.

(Video source:, uploaded by: FastCompany)

Amusing Commercials

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Thy are one of the enthralling commercials producers.

Added one more video of a fascinating commercial of Coca-Cola.

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Microsoft headquarter in Redmond, Washington.

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Headquartered in Redmond, Microsoft is a multinational company founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen. It's one of strongly growing technology industry which has dominant role in consumers choice. It has large category of services and products including Windows operating systems for PCs and smartphone, Skype, Office, personal computers primarily known as Surface, Smartphones and more than thousand varieties. 

Ranked at number 3 on Interbrand, the company has $93.58 billion revenue in 2015. The company was started in 1975 with determination to manufacture and sell Interpreters for Intel 8080 microprocessor based Altair 8800.

Of the several servings in global market, two are being discussed.

Microsoft Windows

Principle source of income for Microsoft, first version released in November 20, 1985. It is the only operating system in the world with most users. Current version of Windows is available in 137 languages, having Windows 7 as most of the OS market shares. The graph and chart are positioned here which exhibit current market shares of different operating systems.

Latest version of Windows that is Windows 10 is introduced in this video.

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Microsoft Surface

Surface RT, tablet PC from Microsoft.

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Personal computers from Microsoft, Surface was first designed and sold in 2012. These computers are 2 in 1 or detachable tablets. Surface, Surface pro, Surface 2, Surface pro 2, Surface pro 3, Surface 3, Surface Hub, Surface pro 4 and Surface Book are Surface devices presently available in market.

Latest version of Surface from Microsoft is reviewed in this video.

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IBM headquarters in Canada.

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IBM, abbreviation of International Business Machines is world's largest company that was started in 1911 by Charles Ranlett Flint. The company was emerged as manufacturer of Punch Card Tabulating Machine. Now, for the most part IBM produces and markets and super and mainframe computers.

The company has a long history of dominance in consumers choices and markets. They stopped selling computers and hardware in 2005. IBM's systems and services were highly sold and standardized after 1955.

Punch Card Machine

IBM punch card having 80 columns.

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Punch card was a card or paper used to inform and control data. First invented in 17th century and was made on tape. In 19th century, it was made on stiff paper and was used store commands with the help of holes and and numbers written on it. IBM produced punch card in 1928. It changed the card format, number of rows etc.

An engrossing video is posted here so that you can grasp full knowledge about Punch Cards.

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IBM Watson

Still not available publicly, Watson is IBM's one of the major projects which is claimed to be working as fascinating. It uses processes technology and machine learning to disclose amorphous information and data in an spoken or admonished form.

Watson is described in this video, so you can get summary without a hitch.

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Logo of Toyota in 2015.

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An automotive company headquartered in Toyota, Japan. Founded by Kiichiro Toyoda in 1937. Having a production output of 9,909,440 production units in 2012, which hold out it to world's first automobile manufacturing company for 2012. It is place at 6th rank on Interbrand list and has $252 billion in 2014. 

The company is owned by on 9.67% by Japanese Trustee Service Bank, 6.48% by Toyota Industries Corporation, 5.27% by The Master Trust Bank of Japan, 3.72% by State Street Bank and Trust Company and 3.54% Nippon Life Insurance Company. They currently have 338,875 people worldwide.


Toyoda Automated Loom being produced, shown in Toyota Museum, Japan.

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History of Toyota started 91 years ago, when Toyota G Automatic Loom was innovated in 1924, by Sakichi Toyoda. Toyota started in 1933 committed to make automobiles. It was started as a division ofToyoda Loom Works.

(Video source:, uploaded by: TheMiddleGround)

Automobile Productions

Toyota Camry Hybrid, 2015 production shown in picture.

Toyota has vast range of cars and vehicles since 1933. Until now, added hybrid electric vehicles, plugin hybrids, hydrogen fuel cell and electric vehicles.

I added video, commercial of Toyota Camry.

(Video source:, uploaded by: Wall Street Journal)


Samsung headquarters in Seoul, South Korea.

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Samsung is an amalgamation of several corporations and subsidiaries founded in 1938. Founded by Lee Byung-chul. The company or conglomerate a multinational group that provides different services. It is renowned for smartphone, laptops, televisions and some other consumer electronics production and selling.

Currently reaching 8th level on Interbrand, they have revenue of $305 billion in 2014. Acquired assets reaching total of $529.5 billion as of 2014.


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Samsung smartphones are chiefly used in the world after Apple. They have long series of smartphones which dominate the market for over an specific period, then a new variant comes out.

Currently, Samsung S series and Note smartphones from Samsung are widely sold since 2011. Their early smartphones were Symbian based, then in 2010, first Samsung Galaxy S was released. Since then, they are the most prominent sellers and designers.

Historical timeline of Samsung Galaxy S series smartphones is presented in this video.

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Personal Computers

Samsung, not only in smartphones but also, it has large list of desktop computers and laptops. Launched first personal computer in 1982.

Samsung's commercial for it's first PC, 1980.

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General Electric

Logo of GE.

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Short for General Electric in multinational subsumed from New York. Founded in 1882 by Thomas Edison and and three other people. GE fundamentally,  owns eight different business in stand alone ground. They are electronics giant and basically provide expertise and capital for different businesses.

Placed on 8th on Interbrand, the company has $148.59 billion revenue as of 2014.

Historical Timeline

History of GE logos

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Thomas Edison, in 1889, had business attentiveness in several electric appliances companies. In fact, they have a long timeline since the beginning in 1876 when Thomas Edison opened a laboratory. in 1953, they accidentally developed Lexan while their plastic scientists were endeavoring to search new wire. Latest news from GE is they soled their business of appliances to Electrolux for $3.2 billion.

History of General Electric is explained in the video below.

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Business divisions held influentially by GE are GE Power, Oil and Gas, GE Energy Management, Aviation, Transportation, Healthcare and GE Digital.

Here is a video about how GE works.

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McDonald's is largest food chain in the world. Ranking at 9 on Interbrand, they have 27.4413 billion in 2014. Their revenue, income and assets fell due to competitors like Burger King and KFC.

Their first restaurant was opened in 1940 by two brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald. Now, they have McDonald's restaurants in 118 countries serving 68 million consumers per day.

History of McDonald's is told in this video.

(Video source:, uploaded by: Randy King)

McDonald's breakfast sandwich. 

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McDonald's menu.

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Commercial from McDonald's for All Day Breakfast.

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Amazon is a website or company which provides online shopping. Placed on number 10 in Interbrand ranking. It has a revenue of $88.988 billion according to 2014 which is increased from previous year.

Video showing Amazon Web Services.

(Video source:, uploaded by: Amazon Web Services)

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