Top Ten Gaming Consoles Of 2015

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Nvidia Shield

Nvidia Shield

Nvidia Shield is the 7th  top popular gaming console and is also called project shield. Nvidia is the main manufacturer. Nvidia is the eight generation gaming console and it was released on July 2013. Nvidia contains Fillip up, joystick and D-pad buttons. Nvidia is first time introduce 4 Tegra processor. Nvidia includes lots of features such as HD video card (GeForce PC Streaming), also Support Desktop PC and TV with 4k resulation. The main feature is support Google Play Store and also access Android games. Nvidia Specifications are 2GB DDR3L RAM, 16 GB memory with micro SD card Slot  Android 4.2.1 Operating system, 5inches Display and many connectivity options like WIFI, Bluetooth, micro USB and Audio jack. The current price is $300 estimated.

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