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 We all want to know a secret formula for raising happy and successful children. But the truth is we don’t have an algorithm that explicitly states if you do this and this, then your child will be the next Bill Gates.

 But I do have some simple tips that have been proven to help raise happy children. These are some simple tips that we often forget because we lose sight of the bigger picture when focusing on a single component.

First, make sure to have fun! Laugh a little and play pretend. Laughter brings happiness and can easily change anyone’s day from bad to good. The same applies to your child.

 Don’t be afraid to laugh with your young ones, they will thank you later on in life as laughter gives kids the tools to think creatively and easily build social connections that will only benefit them later in life.

Next is one that we know but tend to neglect when buttons are pushed that is, be positive and don’t be afraid of self-compassion. Being sympathetic and genuinely kind to yourself; this will translate to your loved ones who will quickly pick up on your attitude.

 Just think to any of your experiences with life. When your friend or loved one approaches you with anger or sadness, we naturally empathize with our loved ones. So, by looking at the positive instead of the negative we can conquer issues faster and feel more sane and satisfied. 

Next on the list is one that we can easily lose sight of but has a significant impact, which is take care of yourself and your marriage. If you have a partner, don’t neglect him/her and throw them to the curb when an issue arises.

 As we all know, if we neglect issues in relationships, they’ll eventually become something bigger than they initially were. Children pick up on negative emotions and feelings of resentment even though toddlers may not be able to express it just yet. 

All in all, the greatest tip of all is to pay attention to yourself and your child. Don’t lose sight of what’s important for you and adjust any parenting technique to your child, as we are all different and so are our children. Basically, if you’re happy, they’re happy!

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Our childrrren are social beings. They come into the world programmed to respond and relate to others. Through adulthood, children's development is among the most important activities of life.

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