Tourist spots in Pakistan

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Pakistan is well know for his natural beauty across the whole world and famous for few amazing mountains like K2 and few amazing lake like Safe-ul-malook,lulusar,dudipat sar,Mahudand and many more.
If you are planning your holidays to visit a great natural spot then come and visit pakistan.
First you will find all four season in one country i.e summer,winder,spring ,autumn.
There are few amazing places in pakistan for international tourists.
Lets starts from northern areas.
Gilgit is just like a heaven on earth and one of famous and beautiful spot in world.
Naran which is in district mansehra is exquisite place to visit and have many lakes as well which are as follow.
1.Babusar top
2.Lake Lulusar
3.Lake saful malook
All photos are original and taken by me.

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