Toward Women’s Development

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Filmannex is a way of development for the women development in Afghanistan, which they could express their creative thoughts to the world, and develop their talents. As the political, social, cultural, and so more the women could not to find their talents and flourish them. They could not get to their position. But, filmannex made it possible for them to improve their talents and beliefs.

It is appreciable the girls attending in filmannex. It will improve the girls’ self-confidence and their abilities. They could earn an amount of income. There are a lot of unemployed men and women, but filmannex prepared opportunities for the women to express and increases their thought level and earn revenue.

Filmannex made great evolutions in Afghanistan’s community that will make glorious future for the women. 

The women’s progression is getting better, the most people who did not know the social media, and did not know how use them, now they learnt and are able to use them and help in the knowledge progression.

It is hoped, that Afghanistan’s girls could use from their abilities. Filmannex has some other programs to help the girls to show their talents and abilities. It made a painting festival in the schools that the girls paint their super heroes  and show their painting talents. 

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