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Life in a big city now becomes very complicated and difficult. It creates many social economical and political problems which make our life hard and tough. It creates traffic problems.


Traffic jams: Traffic jams make the march of life slow and unsteady. People do not reach office on tome. Students face difficulty ti reach schools on time. Small babies in the laps of their mother start cry for milk. Traffic jams have psychological effects on our minds.


The first reason of this problem is the increase in the population. Population in the cities increasing day by day. This is because that people in villages have no facilities. The second is that the road of cities is narrow and uneven.


The position of this road is not good and it cannot afford the burden of traffic and in result it creates the traffic jams for hours. The third reason is that when VIP person passed through the roads the whole traffic is banned. The roads are closed for common people. It creates the long lane of traffic and in result it creates the traffic jams.


The fourth reason is that the slow moving of vehicle also creates problems in smooth flow of traffic. The fifth reason is that people cannot go on their lane they cut of the lane in hurry and overcome the other vehicle. It also creates traffic jams for longtime. We should avoid the problems making thinks. In this way we can be save from heavy traffic jams. 

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