traffic signals

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In under developing countries traffic signals are only in big cities. The most of the accidents are the cause of no traffic signals. In metropolitan cities of under developing countries it is not very common to see an accident because of the traffic signals. The traffic signal gives us the lesson of discipline and to obey laws. There are many types of vehicles for example: rickshaws, bikes, bicycles, cars, vans, tractors

In Pakistan many people die because of no traffic signals are present on the road. People lose their arms legs in the road accidents. Many people in metropolitan cities of under developed country drive wisely and some people drive carelessly. 

careful drivers:

                                           The drivers which drive carefully prevent themselves from accidents, spending money, save themselves from any type of injury. He drives carefully because he knows the importance of life. They value their life andother people lives. The careful drivers obey the rules of driving.

careless drivers:

                                     A careless driver does not drive care about his life and others life. He can’t prevent himself from accident. He does not know about the meaning of life and the way to spend life. He is in danger but the other people who were in the range of his vehicle. The driver of the car likes speed but he doesn’t know that his life is in very big risk.

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