Trolltunga the Perfect Place to Take a Memorable Selfie Shot

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Are you the type of person who loves to take a "Selfie"? If you are a person who loves to take a selfie on various memorable places then I do recommend you the place in Norway called, "Trolltunga".

Norway actually features a tourist spot particularly for the hikers who are seeking a real climbing adventure. And of course, who loves taking selfie of themselves. Trolltunga is the most famous but terrifying ledge of rock in Norway. It is a rock that is projecting horizontally like a tongue out from a mountain consisting a height of about 2,300 feet.

("View of trolltunga" by TerjeN - Own work. Licensed under CC BY 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.)


What to Expect at Trolltunga?

Offers a Real Challenge for the Hikers

If you do not like hiking then visiting Trolltunga is not for you but for those who does, you will surely enjoy it. It's because you will be walking long distances consisting of varied challenging pathways.

As you travel on foot, you also get to enjoy a lot of natural and beautiful sights of Norway.

Natural Rock Formations

Once you reached Trolltunga, you will surely be amazed of the natural formations of the rocks that took millions of years to form. According to the scientists, these natural formation of the rocks were created due to the nature's plate tectonics and erosions.

The Perfect Place for a Selfie Shot

If you are afraid of heights then taking a selfie at the tip of the Trolltunga ledge is highly not advisable. You might faint and end up falling down a height of 2,300 ft which is very impossible for anyone to survive. There is actually no safety railings at the edges of the cliff so if you accidentally slip at the edge then sad to say that you will fall and that will be your end. Anyway, despite of no safety railings, there is yet any recorded incident or fatalities of any victims who fell off the ledge.

Moreover, based from the latest survey of selfie shots, the top and most memorable place of taking a selfie shot is at the terrifying edge of Trolltunga.

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