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Trucks are a means of transport of goods. The truck drivers in Pakistan have a very unique mentality of decorating their trucks with various kinds of paintings, poetry, portraits and proverbial phrases. This is all done by local arts men by just using paint. Some also use glass and other ornamental pieces to decorate their trucks both internally and externally.

This is a very unique art and cannot be found anywhere else in the world as it is Pakistan. The artists who paint the trucks are very expert at their job and do satisfactory work as per the requirements and likes of the drivers. The truck drivers ask them to write something particular which they think would look nice and attract attention of people on the road.

This art really enhances the beauty of the vehicle but as a matter of fact most of the Pakistani drivers are unaware of economy fuel consumption principles. Mostly they increase the mass of truck and damage the aerodynamics of the vehicle which causes inefficient fuel consumptions. But as a custom it is practiced and feels very enchanting to the viewer. It is a very popular art in Pakistan.

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