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Turkey is one of the richest places in the Middle East. The places of interest are mainly NEMRUT: Place of Giant Sculptures, AMASRA: A small town in nature, AMASYA: A city of river beauty, OLIMPOS: A town contains history and mystery, ULUABAT GÖLÜ: A lake home of fishes and bird, ŞİRİNCE: A Romanian village of Aegean, POLONEZKÖY and AĞVA: Lungs of İstanbul, CUMALIKIZIK: An Otoman village, OYLAT KAPLICALARI: Thermal springs that have both spa and nature, GÖKÇEADA: Twins of Aegean, TORTUM ŞELALESİ: A fall in Erzurum, ALAÇATI: A place where all surfers of the world arrive, KÖYCEĞİZ: It is history and nature, SİNOP CEZAEVİ:A place where expert writers suffer greatly, PALAMUTBÜKÜ: A silent holiday in nature, ÖLÜDENİZ: Unique sea and nature, SAKLIKENT: A surprise journey in canyon, ADALAR: Time for sightseeing, KONYA: Do not go back without seeing Sille, UZUNGÖL: A dream garden consists of all colours of nature, KAPADOKYA: Cannot talk about just live, HARRAN: A city of fairy tale, SELİMİYE: Masterpiece of Sinan, SELİMİYE: Masterpiece of Sinan, PAMUKKALE: White pearl of Aegean, İSHAKPAŞA SARAYI: Both Seljuk Empire and Ottoman, ASPENDOS: Archaic and beautiful, SANTA CLAUS CHURCH: Has a universal fame, ORDU: Watch the city from Boztepe, SÖĞÜT: A historic journey, KÜLTEPE: Universally well-known, İZNİK: Spend a day in İznik, EĞİRDİR GÖLÜ : Lake with seven colors, BALIKLIGÖL: Feed holy fishes, VAN GÖLÜ: sundown in Van Lake, AYDER YAYLASI: Natural coolness, ASHAB-I KEYF MAĞARASI: Ashab-ı Keyf visitation, DAMLATAŞ MAĞARASI: It makes asthma better, HARPUT: An outdoor museum, EDİGÖLLER: Pearls in neck of Bolu, GELİBOLU: History in Gelibolu Peninsula, EPHESUS: A mysterious trip in archaic city, KARAİN MAĞARASI: From first civilization up to now, ZEUGMA: City of mosaic, ZEUGMA: City of mosaic along with all ends closing at ARTVİN: Every village of Artvin is a plateau.

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