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not counting the cost of a trade... did u guys know if u can make 20% with 100 usd and buy another position and make 20% .. repeat 32x and you will have 1 Million usd i realized the challege with this is knowing when you would outperform by sticking with a winner .... sooo ... im going to move 100 bux within a position around and try it .. i've got over a 20% gain in GWPH realized it and reinvested. separately i just put a 100 in ONVO and made 20% havnt realized that yet cuz im still down so big in the position as a whole .. also made 20% in #bitcoin with a lil over 100 ... im actually gonna document every time i successfully make 20% and reinvest it so i can try to accomplish this in a few years ...ofcourse ill be moving more than a single 125 cuz the commission will eat everything... if any one wants to follow along with me ill let ya know when im taking off 274 bux from proceeds of 208 (+20% +9%to price in trade cost +3% margin of error ) and when ill reinvest it ill also do this annoying math for u to make sure the right amount is being moved .. im letting the bitcoin money ride for 20% more and i bot a dividend paying stock with the proceeds from GWPH ive thought about this strategy a long time (years) and i think this is a realistic practical way to try to accomplish it.  so when ONVO hits 8.63 ill have 550 usd invested in this strategy.  Im excited .. you ?

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