Two brilliant ideas, two centuries apart

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One hundred years ago, a Russian documentary film, newsreel director, Dziga Vertov,
created a new language for reporting the reality of the Soviet Empire.
"Man with a Movie Camera" influenced generations of filmmakers. And
it still does.

documentary shows people's routine in the outskirts of Moscow. And Vertov
rejected theatrical representation. Different elements were shot by Vertov's
lens: the cameraman, the camera itself. 

About a century later, hundreds (maybe, thousands) men and women with a camera will
shoot their own reality, a little bit far from Russia. Actually, in
Afghanistan. And they also reject representation.

an innovative online video platform, has been investing time and money to
promote the A
fghan education system, building schools
in Afghanistan and supporting independent film makers. Local people,
handling camcorders, have an opportunity for filming their lives and doing
online video

FilmAnnex’s calling new partners, such as Canon, Samsung and Sony, for
participating in this project, supported by NATO. The more equipment they have,
the bigger video shoot production they're able to do. It's a snowball for
a better life.

If he
were alive, Dziga Vertov, died in 1954, would testify his ideas helping poor
people, in spite of personal and political differences.

In the next
post, I'll write about another fantastic FilmAnnex project, focused on 
business opportunities. Veterans from Afghanistan War.

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