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Muslim believes in one Allah and prays Him. Offer prayers read Quran Paak and slaughter animal (cow goat sheep camel) in the way of Allah. But Hindu worships the cow and considers it a God. They also worship idols. The living ways of both nations are different. That’s why the difference arises.


In the subcontinent two nations Muslims and Hindu lived. They live together but they are not united. They quarrel and Hindus dislike Muslims. Muslims were kept backward and not treated well. The British were also in the side of Hindus. At that time Muslims were not educated. Sir syed ahmad khan laid stress on education for Muslims. He laid the foundation of two nation theory.


He also made the scientific society. Muslims were still at difficulty. In the era of Quai e Azam and Allam Iqbal they also explain the two nation theory to Muslims of subcontinent.


Allama Iqbal saw a dream of separate homeland for Muslims of subcontinent. And Quaid e Azam worked hard for it. He said that these two nations cannot live together. He joined Muslim league for it and succeeded in gaining separate homeland for Muslims. Muslims got separate country at 1947.

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