Type of soil

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To day i am going to tell you about soil and types of soil with respect to the practices size. They have different types. Boulders have first type of soil.Such particles of rocks which size is 300 mm or more then are called boulders.

Cobbles its the other type of soil and Such particles are those particle which size is less than 300 and more than 78 millimeter they called cobbles. And they have further two more types written below. a) Coors Gravels b) Fine Gravels These are those gravels which sizer is less than 78 and more than 23 millimeter .

Sand This is also a type of soil which size is less than all other types of soil. This have three more types . and they have two more types like coors and medium sand. a ) Coors Sand This is sand which size is less than and more than. b) Medium Sand This is sand which size is less than 2 and more than 0.4 mm.

Clay This type of soil size is less than by medium sand. Colloids In this type of soil the size of particles is less than all the sand types its called colloids. Its all types of soil and few detail.

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