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Books are the way of gaining knowledge. There are so many types of books that we read in our daily life like course books, novel books, story books, scientific books, literature books Islamic books and thousands of other books. Books play a very important role in our life.

By reading the course books we are not only gain the knowledge but also give the success in any of the field. Some peoples become doctor, engineers, architect, artist are due to the knowledge of these books. Inspite of the course books, so many other books also increase our knowledge and by reading the books we adopt the better  lifestyle in our daily routine.

Children mostly like the story books but the old people mostly read the English and Urdu literature. They read the books of famous authors and also read the poetry of a great poets. There are so many advantages of reading the books. By reading the books our mind become fresh. It is the good and better way to spending the time.

Books are also known has a good friend of loneliness. If a person become alone then they spend there quality time with reading the books. Especially the reading of books before sleep at night is a very good habit. It also enhanced  the vocabulary of our mind. So many things and style of living are seeking by the books.

But in this age, the peoples, mostly the younger use Internet, mobile phones and watch TV. They have no time of reading the books. In big cities even the people do not buy the books. They spend most of their time to watch movies and play the games. The peoples of younger age think about the books that they are very boring and they run from them.

Even they feel very tired to read their course books. They read their course books only under the pressure of their parents and to get better jobs. In libraries, the millions of books present but only few readers will be present in one of the library at a time. It is very bad thing and not good for our next generation. If we have left this habit of reading the books then our next generation also do it.

They do not show any interest about reading the books. So it is the responsibility of the parents that they promote the habit of reading the different types of books in their children and also the responsibility of the teachers that due to different competitions they in courage the students to read the different books with great entrust.

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