Underage #Dangerous and #unpredictable from Traffic view point

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Driving is a skill that each Afghan men and women should be very careful about it. In order to be a good driver which should be calm mind and very sharp eyesight. A good driver should know how to be aware of traffic’s rules. But unfortunately in Afghanistan, most of female don’t know driving’s skills and other male drivers are under aged and they don’t have driving license too due to their age. This situation is very dangerous because this is putting the lives of people in danger. I think that if the driver is a kid or an under aged persons are more likely to be unaware of the traffic’s rules and they can get into an accident.

First reason that underage driving is dangerous is that a kid or immature person cannot take tough decisions while in dangerous situations. He or she doesn’t have the experience or mental strength to take tough situations. Controlling of emotions and became frightened and in order to save car from getting hit by the other cars.

The second reason, why underage driving is dangerous is that normally the underage persons and kids don’t have tolerance and patience. They want to drive the car as quickly as possible and they enjoy driving on high speed. By doing which they are not only endangering their own life but also putting other’s life in danger.in addition, injuries and to pay much money for hospital’s charges are other problems. From all these information we can see that how dangerous and unpredictable underage driving is and how it can affect our lives.

It is quite clear from the above stated reasons that underage driving is quite dangerous not only for the driver but for everybody who is on the road. Right age and experience are very necessary for driving  a vehicle .Once should never drive a car unless he has a specific age for driving and also unless he has a driving license because it is absolutely necessary for the safety of everybody on the road. Avoiding underage driving can reduce the amount of accidents that occur in our country also.

Written by: Mona Haidari

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