Understanding others, but how?

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For understanding others, we should consider some principles and respect them. It is necessary, firstly to understand others before you respond or judge them and put it in your priorities. It is enough to know where people came from, what they want to say and what is important for them? If you find out them, it will led you to improve your perception and also communication with others.

 In many cases, when we focus deeply into some troubles and conflicts between people, we reach to this point that there is lack of understanding and incomprehension of people by each other. In this case, must learn listening to others to understand what they want and what is their desire before to judge them. 

 Being a good listener is to practice, not to interrupt others during of speech and take in consideration to put this rule in all your life to be a nice listener. This is a skill that can decrease answering and in other side to increase listening, therefore you Would be changed in a pacifist person. Someone who can control himself in this field, he experienced an important skill which can benefit him and others.

 Listening has an important position in relations such as relation between man and woman, members of a family and friends, those who are listening more and better than others, they are honest and friendly. In many cases, the problems between husband and wife are originated from not listening and knowing each other, because each of them want to speak and trying to answer without a pause and it mean they could not understand well each other and finally it will cause conflict between them, so it is better to pause a little bit and listen well then answer. 

Sometime parents should listen to their children, may be they want to express their problems and desires and in other side, it is necessary for children to learn how to understand or perceive their parents and have to be quite when they are speaking even if they are not right, because parents love their children all the time and does not want to hurt their children so it is the duty of children to obey and listen to their parents.

 It is important to trust and believe, that silence and listening to others is a valuable and useful skill. When you are listening to others carefully, it will create a relaxing and beneficial relationship and both of you will reach to the informative and useful result. Listening will increase your tolerance and understanding others in a calm and peaceful way.

 Written by: Haroon mehrzad


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Haroon was born in 1987 in Nimroz province Afghanistan, graduated from Farokhi high school in 2005. He has joined for three years Faculty of science in heart University in 2006 after three years he has received scholarship for studying abroad in Cairo university Egypt. Right now he is in third…

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